Welcome to the UCSF Clinical Affective Neuroscience Lab!

The Clinical Affective Neuroscience (CAN) Laboratory is located in the Memory and Aging Center at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and is affiliated with the UCSF Center for Psychophysiology and Behavior (CPB). The goal of our research is to advance our understanding of the neurobiological basis of affective symptoms, which are a common and debilitating feature of many neurological and psychiatric disorders. We use multiple methods from affective science (e.g., psychophysiology, facial behavior, and self-reported experience) to quantify emotion in neurodegenerative diseases, psychiatric illnesses, neurodevelopmental disorders, and healthy individuals. By combining laboratory-based autonomic and behavioral measures with magnetic resonance imaging, we examine how neural system integrity relates to alterations in emotion and social functioning.  



Bay Area Affective Science Conference 2019

Sladjana Lukic

Bay Area Affective Science Conference 2019

Nathan Morris


Society for Affective Science Conference 2018

Eena Kosik


Bay Area Affective Science Conference 2018

Eena Kosik



Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference 2016 

Isabel Sible

UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program Master's Thesis Presentation 2016

Nik Block

American Academy of Neurology 2016

David Perry and Samir Datta

Society for Affective Science Conference 2015

Virginia Sturm and Alice Hua